Regatta OVER!!! Stevie and Ben take the cake! FINs 2nd.  Polish 3rd.

  1. GBR Olympic – Morrison & Rhodes on 63p
  2. FIN Olympic – Lehtinen & Bask on 68p
  3. POL Olympic – Przybytek & Kolodzinski on 78p

Tracking!! Kattack racing tracker UPDATED!!! Check out the following link.  Some trackers may/may not be online for all races.  Check under “US Sailing” and follow the link.

June 29: Plan for June 30 is a 1030h start.  3 races. All boats racing.  No top-ten.  Looking at Harbour course, but may need to change due to Musto Skiffs.

June 29: Top-3 heading into the final day are:

  1. GBR Olympic – Morrison & Rhodes on 56 points
  2. POL Olympic – Przybytek & Kolodzinski on 59 points
  3. FIN Olympic – Lehtinen & Bask on 60 points

June 28: Bibs for tomorrow are…

  1. GBR Olympic – Morrison & Rhodes
  2. FIN Olympic – Lehtinen & Bask
  3. FRA Training – D’Ortoli & Delpech

June 28: First warning tomorrow at 1030h.  We may use Harbour or Nothe.  If too windy, expect a long AP ashore quickly.


June 27 @ 1800h: First warning for June 28th will be at 1030h.  Intended course is Harbour.  Four races scheduled – DH

June 27 @ 1830h: Top-3 and bib wearers for June 28th are…

  1. POL Olympic – Przybytek & Kolodzinski
  2. FRA Olympic – Dyen & Christidis
  3. GBR Training – Fletcher & Sign


Exciting news!  Kattack has signed on as our race tacker sponsor. All boats will be equipped with GPS tracking units and a website where you can follow and replay races will be launched.  More on that soon.

We will run the event from the WPNSA; however, that doesn’t mean you need to launch from there.  Make arrangements on your own.  Coaches’ Regatta 2012 will not do it for you.

Protest committee will comprise three selected coaches each day.  Coaches, expect to be tapped for duty.

Meeting about the event will happen at the Cove House at 730pm on the 26th.  This is a “skippers’ meeting” of sorts.

Courses will be Nothe on June 27, Harbour on June 28 and 29, and North on June 30 for the Medal Races.

Other “coaches’ regattas” will be run during late June.  Course allocations are now posted.  Please direct non-49er teams to this document, as well.

NOR is now posted.


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